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Drug and Alcohol Services
Government Services
Other Useful Links
Poison Centre Directories
Poison Information

Drug and Alcohol Services Top

Alcohol and Drug Helpline
Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Education (FADE)
Life Education Trust of New Zealand

Government Services Top

Accident Compensation Corporation
Environmental Protection Authority
Formally known as ERMA
Health and Disability Commissioner
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Formally known as the Department of Labour Occupational Safety and Health Service
Ministry of Health
National Drug Policy
New Zealand Food Safety Authority
NZ Pharmacovigilance Centre
Worksafe New Zealand

Other Useful Links Top

Safekids New Zealand
World Health Organisation

Poison Centre Directories Top

American Association of Poison Control Centres
WHO Poison Centre Directory

Poison Information Top

University of Otago NZ National Poisons Centre

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